Is Gambling Legal in Sudan?


Sudan is a third-largest country in Africa and home to 37 million people. It may be a surprise to some, but it is the tenth largest country in the world. In this predominantly Islamic country, all forms of gambling are strictly prohibited by the Islamic Sharia Law.

Considered to be the most politically unstable country in the world, Sudan has had many issues within as well as outside the country, as many neighboring countries had difficulties dealing with Sudan. On top of that, many, if not all American companies, stopped doing business with Sudan ever since 1997, so if a passionate gambler from Sudan wanted to try out his or her luck and sign up at Bet365 to get a bonus code and experience some real sports entertainment, there could be some consequences. So, is it possible for people to gamble in Sudan, in a country that prohibits it inside its borders?

Well, the answer to that question is both yes and no. To understand why, let’s first try to elaborate on the wisdom behind this prohibition.

Gambling vs Religion

Majority of the Muslim people are highly religious, and as such, they try to closely follow the teachings of Qur’an. One of the wisdoms from the Holy Book claims that gambling is closely related to alcohol abuse. Instead of earning their living with hard work, people that gamble rely on luck.

At the same time, instead of being a game between friends, gambling causes enmity and strife among people. After all, when it comes to gambling, there are always winners and losers. It is also believed that gambling puts suspicion into the hearts of people and can turn friends playing at the same table into enemies. Albeit it may seem somewhat exaggerated from a neutral standpoint, one cannot also deny that all those points are factual.

So How Can You Gamble If It’s Illegal?

Every country has its own laws, and, in every country, there is a multitude of people who continuously break it. Some people do it with some minor consequences, while others break the law more severely. The law in Sudan is strict, and by avoiding it or finding loopholes, one can suffer big repercussions. So, are the people still doing it? Yes, they are. Despite being forbidden by law, people of Sudan found a few ways to gamble, such as gambling in illegally-operated casinos, visiting South Sudan or merely gambling online.


Even though gambling is illegal and banned by religion, it seems that Sudanese wish to continue gambling as they look for various ways around the law. With online gambling gaining in popularity, internet and technology being more accessible and even offshore casinos offering their services to Sudanese people, the gambling in Sudan seems to be on the rise with no indications of stopping just yet.