Best Cooking Countries in the World


Every gourmand knows that making good food requires a lot of skill and imagination. It is the art of combining tradition and creativity. The dishes served need to taste so good, you never want to eat anything else. If you’re a cook or a traveler, it is probable that you will appreciate this list of countries with the best food.


France is known for many fine dishes. Rarely has a person sampled some of their fine cheeses and wine and remained unmoved. Escargot, for example, has proven to us that even something as slimy as a snail can be delicious if prepared properly. France is practically synonymous with good cuisine. If you don’t believe us, we dare you to try out their pastries.


Here is a country that has not turned cooking into an art, but a part of life. The myriad of different kinds of pasta and pizza is so diverse, it is possible to eat for a long time without tasting the same dish twice. For those that truly appreciate the calorie bombs in the form of lasagna and spaghetti Bolognese, Italy is the place to go.


The truly remarkable thing about China is that it combines spices people in the Americas and Europe are not accustomed to in order to make wonderful combinations. Our personal favorite is the sweet and sour pork, but there is literally something for everyone in Chinese cuisine. Some of its diversity is due to the fact that different provinces have different cooking styles. We recommend trying out the Szechuan chicken.


Do you like spicy food? Awesome. Mexico brought into the world dishes and recipes that everyone should try out at least once. Their common specialties include the famous burrito, made with ground meat and/or beans and rice inside a tortilla, along with some of your favorite salads and spices. Nachos are a perfect snack for sports, especially with various dipping sauces like salsa, guacamole, and sour cream. Top it off with some cheese and you’re good to go.


If Mexican food is not spicy or diverse enough for you, try some Thai cuisine. The sheer amount of ingredients for most of their famous dishes is simply staggering. Along with Chinese food, it is the most popular Asian cuisine in the world. The Massaman curry has Islamic roots and is just one of the many dishes that came to be through the fusion of different cultures.


The Greeks are masters of the grill. Souvlaki is rather succulent, even without the salads and condiments, but for the real feel of Greece, we recommend gyro – some juicy roasted meat rolled into pita bread and topped off with tzatziki, a creamy salad made from cucumbers and sour cream. Delish!