Are You Traveling a Lot? Here Are Some Apps to Keep You Occupied and Make Time Fly


Traveling is fun. However, some people do not actually like the idea of being on a plane, car or bus for several hours. They consider it dull and often find it difficult to kill time. Blessed are those that can fall asleep immediately after setting off! Most of us don’t have that superpower. Our team had an opportunity to travel a lot not only around Sudan but also in many other countries. Therefore, we made a list of useful apps that you can play when you get bored during longsome car rides or plane flights.


This game is a combo of maths and puzzle. Your goal is to score as much as possible by combining the same numbers. You are presented with a grid and small odd numbers. By swiping in one direction, you can connect them and make a new tile which is their sum. Every move will make new tiles appear. Super fun!

Casino Apps

Thanks to the advancement in our technology, we are now able to play casino games on the go instead of going to an actual casino. There are a lot of apps made by various popular casino operators that enable you to test your luck in many traditional games, such as slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and more.


If your passion is to fold papers and make various things out of them, this app is a perfect opportunity to protect nature by not using the real paper and still get the satisfaction from folding it. The app has specific tasks and requires logical and spatial intelligence. It shows you the final figure, and you have to fold paper to create it.

Sketch Apps

We don’t want to mention any specific sketch apps as there are thousands of them available on both Google Play and App Store. Sketching apps are also nature-savers as you can use them to play various games that you would have played on paper otherwise. For example, you can play tic-tac-toe with someone who travels with you, or even play hangman (although there are a couple of great hangman apps, most of which are player vs. computer).


Tinder is a dating app which scans your potential partners who are registered on this platform and happen to be nearby. It’s a perfect time-killer if you are a single person who wants to meet locals either for dating or for hanging out with them. The principle is simple; you either swipe left if you don’t like the person, or swipe right if you like them. If they also swipe right on you, you will be matched and enabled to start a conversation. From that point, it’s up to you whether or not you will set up a date!

Music Apps/Audiobooks

If you feel motion sickness and want to kill time by not looking at your screen, make sure to download apps such as Deezer or Spotify. These offer music from all over the world and are quite affordable as well.

The other listening option is audiobooks. There are several cool audiobook apps where you can download a book of your choice and have a pre-recorded actor read it to you. You will have to pay for most of the books, but some are available for free as well! Happy traveling!