Your Next Destination


When going on a vacation, we tend to favor certain places – just ask my partner – they always choose Michigan (not even because of the lottery – they can do it online now with Michigan Lottery Promo Code 2022). Don’t ask me any questions. Personally, I have always enjoyed visiting Greece, because of its beaches, food, and climate. Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to spice things up. Plan your trips carefully and include these bucket-list destinations on your list.

Venice, Italy

The beautiful Italian city is synonymous with romance and gives Paris a run for its money. You will find it on the Adriatic Sea. It consists of numerous buildings erected upon a hundred little islands. You will not find a cab here, all of the traffic consists of people walking on foot, or taking the gondola. There are marvelous sites to be seen, especially from the Gothic and Renaissance periods. Make sure you visit St. Mark’s Basilica on the central square – Piazza San Marco.

If you really want to have an adventure of a lifetime, try visiting Venice during the Carnival. It is when the locals and visitors let loose because it starts with the end of the Lent. You will find all kinds of characters wearing different types of masks, including the bauta, the plain mask, and Medico Della Peste, the mask of the plague doctor.

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

If you’re a big fan of history and the mysticism of the ancient civilizations, visiting the Pyramid of Cheops should definitely be on your itinerary. This is the only intact wonder of the world that is still standing. It is one of the tallest manmade structures in the world, at 455 feet, though it used to be higher before erosion did its work.

You will find three known and explored chambers inside the pyramid: the unfinished chamber, the Queen’s chamber, and the King’s chamber. Instead of going in through the front entrance, tourists enter the monument through what is known as the Robbers’ Tunnel, which, obviously, wasn’t a part of the building’s design, but just one of incalculable attempts to loot the site.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The island was visited by James Cook, though he was not the first explorer to set his eyes on it. It was independent up until the very late 1800s when it was annexed by France. There is a theory that the island came to be through volcanic activity. Now, it is a beautiful and luxurious paradise with numerous resorts. The climate is perfect for those among us that hate the winter – it is warm and sunny all year round. If you can afford it, try out snorkeling and scuba-diving.

Easter Island, Chile

In spite of it having no connection to Easter, Jacob Roggeveen, the Dutch explorer, saw it fit to name it because he discovered it on Easter Sunday. It’s not a tourist trap, though many tourists do visit it because of moai, the stone figures of which there are slightly less than 900, half of which are located in the quarry of Rano Raraku. They were made from volcanic ash, and though they are most famous for their heads, they are statues of complete human bodies.