Internet and Traveling


Buses, trains, boats, and planes are how we travel. They can also be pretty boring. Many a time we will reach for our mobile devices to provide us with entertainment, like playing the lottery and finding the Michigan lottery promo code. However, mobile data is no joke, especially abroad. It is also out of the question when we reach our destination. So, how can we acquire internet while traveling?


Let’s get this out of the way. Roaming charges are expensive. Ridiculously so. Unless you’re in a life-or-death situation, we recommend that you steer clear of this option, as the amount of money you spend on it could very well be used to extend your stay and make it more luxurious. If you absolutely have to use it, check your provider’s fee in these cases, to know what you’re in for.


This is the most basic and the most affordable option and, admittedly, it has its fair share of shortcomings. That being said, many buses, restaurants, planes, and hotels offer free Wi-Fi to their patrons. If you’re on a holiday, or backpacking, and want to check in with your family and friends, this option is the best for you. It is not ideal, however, if you’re a digital nomad who earns money by working online. While it is possible, the connection is neither the strongest nor the most stable. You can circumvent this problem by checking out which restaurant or café has the strongest signal.

Local Network

If you’re planning to stay at a place for a longer period of time, we recommend checking out their local options. Buying a SIM card will grant you the benefits without the hassle of roaming charges. Truth be told, this requires you do to some extensive research on the kind of service you can get. Make sure you understand the deal before you buy anything.

Pocket Wi-Fi

This is the most popular and most stable internet on-the-go for tourists, travel bloggers, and anyone who likes a stable internet connection while going around the globe. Pocket devices that act as Wi-Fi hotspots can be pricey, but they are well worth it if you can’t live without the internet. It is best that you use them together with a local SIM card, especially if you have several mobile devices that you want to be connected at the same time. It would be very prudent if you could tally the finances necessary for this kind of setup.

Off the Grid

Then again, unless it’s specifically needed for work or checking in, using the internet can be put on hold for a while. Take in the sites and the local culture. Go old-school. As for boredom while you’re traveling, there is nothing wrong with taking on some light reading.