5 Cute and Comfy Shoes for City Walking and Traveling


Is it even possible to walk the distance and look cute? We are somehow used to the fact that walking a lot is always at the cost of looking good. Don’t worry. It seems that we were wrong! While traveling around Sudan’s countryside and cities, we had to explore a lot of options and try to find the shoes in which we would feel comfortable. This made us do in-depth research and examine thousands of photos, videos, and reviews before we could narrow down our selection.

Since we were unable to choose the winner, we asked for your help. Here is what you told us. Take a look.

Blondo Ankle Boots

Ankle boots from Blondo are the best option for city walking despite the weather. Apart from being very comfortable and practical for your travels, they look really stylish. They come in several colors, but the black ones are the most practical for every occasion. What makes Blondo Ankle Boot unique is their thick and durable heel that’s 13/4 high.


Skechers have always been the primary option for walking or even running. Their Microburst One Up Flat is something worth your attention. They are very durable, and you can really go the distance with them.

The most important of all, they are super comfy and very light. You can pack them up in your backpack since they take up very little space.


Clarks are definitely the favorites among our readers.

They come from Britain and are extremely stylish and elegant, yet very strong and durable.

They come in various shapes and sizes, including the classic boots that gave great wedges.

Ecco Sandals

If you plan to walk in the city only during the summer, you should go with these stylish sandals that have great comfort levels. Their creators were rather generous with cushioning, and their sturdy soles make them very durable for long walks.

UGG Boots

If you want to go for winter shopping and walk the distance from your home to the shopping mall, these UGG leather boots are the best option. With rubber soles and medium width, these will keep you warm as well as dry. Their waterproof design makes them a perfect combination of cuteness and practicality.


We hope that you now have a better insight into shoes that are good for long city walks. If any of the pairs presented in this article seems cute to you, make sure to check out more details and find out where you can buy them. Make sure not to forget about the comfort and durability if your intention is to walk a lot in those shoes. We wish you a happy stroll through the city!